National monitoring of development and use of e-health in Denmark

  • Nøhr, Christian (Projektleder)
  • Vingtoft, Søren (Projektdeltager)
  • Christiansen, Marion Berg (Projektdeltager)



Earlier we have experienced several research projects making status of penetration of eHealth systems. They have primarily been focused on EHR systems and mostly on whether they have been implemented or not. However, the penetration has now reached a level mak-ing it more interesting to survey whether the systems are used and if so – to what extension and here in the daily clinical work practice.
This is a continual project making survey every year questioning around 8000 clinicians about their use of e-health systems. The aim of the survey is to clarify the use of and the attitudes to e-health. This survey if the third in a row, sending out an electronic questionnaire survey adressing randum selected physians, nurses and medical secretaries. The survey is in cooper-ation with ”Lægeforeningen”, ”Dansk Sygeplejeråd” and ”Dansk Lægesekretærforening”. In the long term the objective is to compare the results over several years, making tedenses visible of use and attitudes to e-health systems. Further, the results will make a comparison to other countries possible.

The survey is a part of the Nordic e-Health Research Network (NeRN) making equivalent sur-veys in the Nordic countries. Further, the project is a part of the OECD task force on model survey on the availability and use of information and communication technologies in the health sector.
Effektiv start/slut dato03/01/201103/11/2014


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