The development of power electronics has been enhancing the penetration of renewable energy in modern power systems, where the interactions among multiple converters could lead to issues on stability and reliability. Attempts have been made to model and evaluate the two performances in microgrids, with different controllers thereby developed to enhance them. However, the validation of stability and reliability in microgrids is also a practical concern, which is closely related to the characteristics of microgrids and has not been fully addressed so far.

The main target of this Ph. D. project is to develop general guidelines or systematic methodologies for validating both stability and reliability in microgrid systems. Technical overview on modelling and evaluation of stability and reliability in microgrids will be carried out, to seek for solutions to practical issues in the validations. The methodologies will then be derived on benchmark models, considering different architectures, mission profiles and control strategies in microgrids. A microgrid system will be built in the laboratory for performing the tests, and the validation methodologies will be tested from component level to system level. Relevant software tools are also supposed to be developed.

Funding: Villum Foundation
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/202031/05/2023


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