Efficient Methods to Enhance the Bandwidths of Transmitarray Antennas

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This paper introduces two efficient methods to enhance the bandwidths of transmitarray antennas. For the transmitarray antenna based on resonant unit cells, two unit cells based on polarization-rotation structures are proposed to offer a 2-bit transmission phase, where the resizing unit cell is avoided to widen the bandwidth. For the lens antenna based on dielectric stubs, four unit cells are selected to offer a 2-bit transmission phase as well, to broaden the bandwidth, the effects of the oblique incidences are considered and eliminated. For the first transmitarray antenna using the proposed method, the measured 1- and 3-dB gain bandwidth is 28.0 - 37.5 GHz (29.5%) and 25.1 - 39.1 GHz (43.7%), respectively. For the second lens antenna using the corresponding proposed method, the measured 1-dB gain bandwidth is 24.8 – 30 GHz (18.9%). The proposed two methods are generalized and is also feasible for reflectarray antennas and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces.
TitelThe 2024 International Workshop on Antenna Technology
StatusAccepteret/In press - 2024


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