Progression in work readiness: A qualitative casestudy of cash benefit recipients' pathway towards the labour market

Sophie Danneris Jensen

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This paper is based partly on literature concerning the construction of identities in social work settings (especially Juhila & Abrams 2011, Eskelinen & Olesen 2010) and partly on literature that addresses the dilemmas and challenges in providing evidence about the effectiveness of interventions in social work programs (amongst others Boaz & Blewett 2010 and Koivisto 2008).

Initially there will be a short presentation of the research topic of my Ph.D. and the central research question related to the project. Following this is a methodological discussion in two levels - the first discussion at a meta level, where the problems concerning evidence, measurements of effects and how to improve interventions and practice will be addressed. At the second, micro level, the discussion will be about the specific data collection methods in the project and how the identities of the clients can be understood through short narratives about work identity.
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StatusUdgivet - 2013

Bibliografisk note

Dette paper er udarbejdet og godkendt i forbindelse med Nordic Baltic Social Work Summer School, Riga 2013


  • Progression
  • work readiness
  • case studies
  • social work
  • evidence
  • intervention research
  • employment programs
  • short narratives