Best Paper Award of the 2nd International Conference on HCI in Games

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Best Paper Award of the 2nd International Conference on HCI in Games

The award has been conferred to
Dines Rae Selvig (Selvig Consultancy, Denmark),
Henrik Schoenau-Fog (Aalborg University, Denmark)
for the paper entitled

"Non-intrusive Measurement of Player Engagement and Emotions - Real-Time Deep Neural Network Analysis of Facial Expressions during Game Play"

Presented in the context of HCI International 2020 19-24 July 2020

Paper Abstract
"Prior research suggests and reveals that there is a correlation between human emotional responses and the subjective qualities of digital interactive experiences. Using facial analysis done by deep neural networks presents a true non-intrusive way of measuring emotional responses and engagement assessed as the desire to continue playing. This paper proposes a tool to measure emotional responses across eight different emotions and in real time of any game. The emotional recognition system achieves an accuracy of 98% and the continuation desire system achieves 93.3% accuracy in a pilot test with a two player game and 78.5% accuracy in a single player game. This forms a strong tool that shows a correlation between emotions and the continuation desire of a player, which can be used to evaluate engagement in games and digital interactive experiences, e.g. in critical stages of development of said content."

The full paper is available through SpringerLink

Degree of recognitionInternational

Awarded at event

Event title22nd International Conference on Human Computer Interaction
Location, Copenhagen, DenmarkShow on map
Period19 Jul 2020 → 24 Jul 2020