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DTU, light and darkness in the outdoor campus environment

DTU Campus must be for everyone, even in the dark hours, and the lighting must be designed in relation to: safety, sustainability, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

However, employees and students at DTU experience the campus as dark and unsafe in several places and therefore an investigation is being initiated which will form the basis of an optimized lighting strategy for the DTU campus.

Through go-along interviews with employees and students, behavior, and activities on the DTU Campus are mapped and lighting issues are specified.

An interview route is determined at DTU Campus Ballerup and Lyngby respectively. The interviewer walks a set route with one test participant at a time. Several fixed stops are planned on the route, where each test participant is asked the same questions, and they are asked to take pictures of the situation.

The results from the analysis of interviews and pictures will demonstrate students' and employees' experience of DTU Campus Ballerup and Lyngby, about their activities and behavior as well as the experience of perceived safety in relation to their outdoor use of the campus during the dark hours.
Effective start/end date01/10/202330/06/2024