The FEEDBACK project

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The FEEDBACK-project is concerned with motivated energy consumption in private households. The goal is i) to develop and test out new concepts for communication from the electrical power instrustry to consumers (feedback) and ii) to investigate whether on-line feedback on energy consumption results in energy saving. The project consists of three related sub-projects and Aalborg University is responsible for developing prototypes providing on-line information on energy comsumption. The process is based on user-driven innovation with eight families. The developed prototypes will be installed and tested in 120 Danish households in 2006-2007. The project is funded by the Danish Energy Net ( The project is a cooperation between Aalborg University, Aarhus Business School, Akf (institute of local government studies, Denmark), Zonith A/S, NOE & Sydvest energy (two electrical power enterprises), midtvest bredbånd (broadband enterprise), energy piano, and B&O. Participants from Aalborg University: Ellen Christiansen & Anne Marie Kanstrup.
Effective start/end date02/02/200631/12/2008


  • AKF, Amternes og kommunernes forskningsinstitut og Dansk Energi Net


  • user driven innovation
  • feedback
  • electricity consumption
  • private households


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