Communication ethics as professional practice: Managing the interpretation of data

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This presentation concerns the choices researchers consider when engaging with the parameters of communication ethics, especially the ethics of interpretation and dissemination (Sarangi 2019). Choosing how to present findings poses challenges for researchers engaging with empirical data at professional/institutional settings. Based on a recently concluded study, I reflect on my ‘researcher self’ in accounting for the professional practice of interpreting interactional and ethnographic data.
I present selective examples from my own and peer researchers’ experience to inform my discussion of communication ethics regarding management of the data interpretation process. I argue that the code of research conduct should include the explicit mention of how interpretation of the data is arrived at, leading to specific findings. Naively, researchers may think that the adoption of the interpretive procedure familiarly known as ‘member’s method’ does account for the participants’ perspective, but the procedure inevitably involves the researcher’s interpretation, since they include certain aspects and overlook other aspects when authoring an informed, evidence-based narrative of the data.
Warrants of interpretations are crucial and should be stated explicitly in data analyses or in conclusions of research papers and reports to meet the standards of communication ethnics, if these are to be enhanced in research practice. Moreover, this is a possible way to prevent adverse scenarios in terms of harmful dissemination of criticism. In addressing the ethics of communication in analytical practice, it is important to manage the interpretation of data to avoid concerns including collaborators’ trust, which goes beyond the question of research integrity (Sarangi 2015).
Sarangi, Srikant (2015) Experts on experts: sustaining communities of interest in professional discourse studies. In Maurizio Gotti, Stefania Maci and Michele Sala (eds) Insights into Medical Communication, pp. 25–47. Bern: Peter Lang.
Sarangi, Srikant (2019) Communication research ethics and some paradoxes in qualitative inquiry. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice 12 (1): 94-121.
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