Additional file 11 of Reliable wolf-dog hybrid detection in Europe using a reduced SNP panel developed for non-invasively collected samples

  • Ilpo Kojola (Ophavsperson)
  • Astrid Vik Strønen (Ophavsperson)
  • Carsten Nowak (Ophavsperson)
  • Anne Jarausch (Ophavsperson)
  • Teodora Sin (Ophavsperson)
  • Jenni Harmoinen (Ophavsperson)
  • Violeta Mu?oz-Fuentes (Bidrager)
  • Federica Mattucci (Ophavsperson)
  • Aritz Ruiz-González (Bidrager)
  • Alina von Thaden (Ophavsperson)
  • Berardino Cocchiararo (Ophavsperson)
  • Romolo Caniglia (Ophavsperson)
  • Laura Kvist (Ophavsperson)
  • Marco Galaverni (Ophavsperson)
  • Hannes Lohi (Ophavsperson)
  • Ettore Randi (Aalborg University, University of Bologna) (Ophavsperson)
  • Andrea Gazzola (Ophavsperson)
  • Jouni Aspi (Ophavsperson)
  • Marjo K. Hyt?nen (Bidrager)
  • Raquel Godinho (Ophavsperson)

Data set


Additional file 11: Table S11. Assignment accuracy for the selected 93 SNPs to categorize simulated individuals between dog and Iberian wolves for 8 different hybrid classes to the correct category (> 0.5) or assign it to any hybrid category (sum of assignments to hybrid categories > 0.7) by the software NEWHYBRIDS. Analysis was run with the four possible prior combinations. Range of results from different runs is indicated.
Dato for tilgængelighed1 jan. 2021