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Who we are

The Medical Informatics and Image Analysis Group conducts teaching and research in a wide range of topics within Medical Informatics and Image Analysis. 

Our research 

Our research areas include focuses on Telehealth and Digital Health, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image Analysis, Decision Support and Modelling. Main objectives include investigating predictors/biomarkers for improved diagnosis and treatment within several clinical areas as well as modeling complex medical structures and processes. 

How does our research contribute to societal healtchallenges?  

• Predicting the effects and costs of telehealth in heart failure, diabetes and COPD patients.  

• Predictive modelling to reduce the number and/or duration of preventable hospital admissions by taking advantage of data, collected in the home care setting.  

• Investigate imaging biomarkers and models in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases for improved diagnosis 

Who are our key collaborators? 

Steno Diabetes Center North Denmark (SDCN), The North Denmark Region/TeleCare Nord, Novo Nordisk and private external funding, e.g. Agilent Technologies and Brainreader. 


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