The covid-19 episode was a rare and dramatic event that may have shaped and perhaps shifted Danish authorities’ and the Danish public’s imagination about datasharing and surveillance. The aim of this research project is to investigate the possible consequences of corona managent through two related subprojects:

(1)An interview and document-based tracing of how the Smittestop app was negotiated, designed and developed by a the Danish Patient Safety Authority, along with a coalition of other public authorities and as well as private sector actors. The subproject traces the public controversies that erupted around the project as well as the handling of these controversies.

(2)An organizational study of how new data practices were developed at The Danish Patient Safety Authority during and after the corona management phase. Specifically, this subproject investigates the practice of using dashboards (e.g. PowerBI) as a mode of conveing data to internal and external audiences.

Projektet er et delprojekt under det Velux/Villum finansierede, 10-årige, Algoritmer, Data og Demokrati projektet.
Effektiv start/slut dato15/02/202415/02/2025


  • Danish Patient Safety Authority


  • Data practice
  • Algorithms
  • Data visualization
  • Organizational ethnography