FREquency Security of Low-INertia electrical Grids



The use of renewable energy has become the key to addressing the existential threats of climate change and environmental degradation to the world. Different from synchronous generators, these renewable resources are typically connected to the power grid via power electronic converters without inertia inherently. This transition brings new issues to the frequency security of such low-inertia systems, which are not yet fully understood. This project will investigate these issues with the emphasis on frequency dynamic modelling, its security assessment, and security-enhanced control design. Firstly, voltage-dependent frequency dynamics will be modelled for an electrical network simplified by Kron reduction. Next, the interactions between the resources and the electrical network will be analysed based on the developed frequency dynamic model. A key performance indicator will be developed and used to assess frequency security based on the Lyapunov synthesis. Then, data-driven control strategies will be designed to enhance frequency security with limited information. This project will be carried out by me who has expertise in high performance control designs for microgrids. Through this project, I will collaborate with my supervisor at Aalborg University who has
a rich experience in low-inertia power system security analysis. Besides, I will also cooperate with my secondment supervisor at University College Dublin who is the pioneer in developing the frequency dynamic models. These collaborations will ensure both high-quality project outcomes and benefiting my career development. The project results will be disseminated through peerreviewed journal articles and conference proceedings to expand their impact. Finally, communication activities with the public and academic researchers will be conducted to contribute to the European knowledge-based economy and society by providing invaluable knowledge on frequency security issues of low-inertia electrical grids.
Kort titelFRESLING
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/202130/06/2023


  • European Commission: 1.544.474,40 kr.


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