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Lymphoma patients often receive high glucocorticoid doses as part of standard therapy. Observational studies have shown a substantial risk of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis (GIO) with associated fractures. The aim of the SIESTA trial was to determine if oral alendronate (ALN) is a safe and effective prophylaxis against GIO in lymphoma. SIESTA was a single-center, randomized, double-blinded, phase 2 study of lymphoma patients planned for glucocorticoid-containing chemotherapy. After randomization, patients received weekly ALN 70 mg or placebo for a total of 52 weeks. Bone mineral density (BMD) was assessed at baseline, after completion of chemotherapy (end of treatment [EOT]) (4 to 6 months), and at the end of the study (EOS) (12 months). Vertebral fracture and biomarkers were assessed at baseline and EOS. Patients with baseline BMD assessment and at least 1 follow-up BMD assessment were analyzed for efficacy. The primary endpoint was a change in lumbar spine T-score from baseline to EOS. Of the 59 patients enrolled, 23 of 30 in the ALN arm and 24 of 29 in the placebo arm were analyzed for efficacy. The mean change in T-score from baseline to 12 months at the lumbar spine was 10.15 for ALN and -0.12 for placebo (P 5 .023). The difference in DT EOS between the ALN and placebo groups was larger among females (ALN 0.28; placebo -0.28; P 5 .01). Biomarker analyses confirmed reduced bone resorption in ALN-treated patients. In conclusion, ALN is a safe and effective primary prophylaxis against loss in BMD following glucocorticoid-containing chemotherapy. Despite reduced BMD loss in the ALN arm, the treatment did not influence fracture risk in this small cohort of patients.

TidsskriftBlood advances
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Sider (fra-til)2549-2556
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StatusUdgivet - 26 apr. 2022

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