Three-Dimensional Model Test Optimisation of the Spur Breakwater for Port of Hanstholm

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The present report presents results from a three-dimensional model test study carried out at Aalborg University in August and September 2018 with the purpose to test and optimise the spur breakwater on the new western breakwater for Port of Hanstholm as proposed by the contractor Aarsleff and their consultant COWI. The present report presents the results for the stability of the spur breakwater using the same setup as used by Eldrup and Lykke Andersen (2018d) for the western breakwater only. It is recommended to study that report prior to this one as it include the test methodology. The objectives of the model tests were to study the hydraulic stability of the spur breakwater and if it had any negative consequences on the roundhead and trunk of the western breakwater. The scale used for the model tests was 1:44.9. Unless otherwise specified all values given in this report are prototype values converted from the model to prototype according to the Froude model law.
ForlagDepartment of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University
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StatusUdgivet - okt. 2018
NavnDCE Contract Reports
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  • Hanstholm Harbour


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