Gender balance initiatives in research funding. A research memorandum for the Villum Foundation

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    The research memorandum ’Gender balance initiatives in research funding: Barriers and possible measures to increase the share of women within natural science and technology’ was written on commission from the Villum Foundation, which contacted researchers at EDGE to deliver a report on the issue. This research memorandum presents six promising practices and short summaries of existing experiences regarding what works in addressing the gender gap in research funding. The Villum Foundation commissioned the report in order to improve their own practices and launch new measures. Researchers at EDGE have been in contact with the Foundation throughout the preparation of the report. Furthermore, the report was presented by Stine Thidemann Faber at a board meeting at the Foundation on May 28th.
    Impact date2019
    Category of impactSocial impact, Economic impact
    Impact levelAdoption