Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Head of HST's Laboratory Technician and Sunddrift Team is Merete Fredsgaard (e-mail:

Daily operational coordinator of Sunddrift Team is: Preben Sindalsen (e-mail:

Laboratory Technician Team: What do we do – Our core tasks:

Please write to: if you would like to get help with the tasks mentioned below or have other relevant operational information.

  • Maintenance of and responsible for the laboratories at Fr. Bajers Vej 3B, 7H (animal facilities), Selma Lagerløf Vej (wet labs) and the appurtenant equipment
  • Safety and support for the Animal Facilities at Fr. Bajers Vej 7H
  • Blood sampling
  • Lab. support (e.g., freezer guard (on call service), safety, classifications of laboratories, maintenance of service contracts, statutory inspections of equipment and ventilation, etc.)
  • Purchase for wet laboratories (student and research labs), and animal facilities (e.g., laboratory utensils and -equipment, single use materials, responsible for consignment stock, reagents and chemicals, acquisition offers, etc.)
  • Teaching support; (e.g., student project 4th to 10th semester and laboratory courses (histology, immunology, medical microbiology, pathology and urinary tract, dissection, nutrition and digestive system, coordination with semester coordinator, etc.)
  • Writing and maintenance of lab protocols
  • Maintenance of laboratory handbook
  • Chemical handling (safety, APV, storage, registration, and disposal)
  • Daily support with ad hoc tasks (e.g., sterilization, students, access to the building, keeping records, maintenance of databases, etc.)
  • research support for specific projects. Outside the teaching semester (January, June, July, and August), the technician support for lab. research is a part of the core tasks. In the teaching semester (February-May and September-December), it is only possible via agreement of release (frikøb). Allocation of further resources to the team might be necessary.

Sunddrift Team: What do we do – Our core tasks:

Please write to: if you would like to get help with the tasks mentioned below or have other relevant operational information.

  • Minor craftsman tasks and contact person to Campus and Facility Support as well as for external craftsmen (e.g. safety work in laboratories)
  • Preparation, setup, and cleanup for and after Ph.D defenses
  • Oversight of laboratories and teaching rooms and relocation of office- and lab. equipment including IT-equipment
  • Lending and set-up of IT equipment and TVs for group rooms as well as plugs and cables
  • First aid boxes set-up and refill
  • Replacement and reordering of gas cylinders
  • Waste handling of packaging materials and paper
  • Daily support with ad hoc tasks
  • Receipt and shipment of post and packages as well as distribution of same in the SUND building
  • Purchase for coffee room and niches excl. single use cutlery and tableware, milk, etc.
  • Daily support and maintenance of the staff lounge and coffee machines as well as dishwashers
  • Purchase for and maintenance of the open student environments
  • Card access to the SUND building for students, employees, and guests
  • Maintenance of plotter and printers
  • 3D-development and printing tasks as well as drawing in Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape

Other tasks can be solved via agreement on release (frikøb) into the team if resources are available. Please contact the head of team for further arrangements.



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