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The ADVANCES programme aims to provide social workers with advanced skills and international perspectives on leadership, innovation, critical analysis, enterprise and sustainable approaches in the social sector. Delivered in collaboration with universities around the world and non-academic partners drawn from social services, graduates will be able to develop new social work interventions in response to high levels of complexity and social problems around the world.

The programme is built on strong and experienced jointness between five highly qualified European universities. This jointness of the programme covers multiple forms of collaboration and relationship between consortium universities; between consortium universities and associate partners; between students from different regions of the world; between students and consortium/associate partners, between programme content and needs in social work practice and education; between European EMJMD aims and the content and administration of the programme. The qualified programme and the close connection to social work practice and non-academic partners will emphasize student employability after graduation.
Effective start/end date01/03/201831/08/2024