Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery for Competitive District Heating and Cooling Networks

Project Details


It is in urban areas that the demand for heating and cooling demand assumes highest density. At the same time a
huge amount of low-grade waste heat is diffused within the urban texture, the largest amount being rejected by airconditioners,
cooling systems in industrial processes and tertiary buildings (i.e. dry coolers and wet cooling towers),
datacentres’ chillers and supermarkets’ refrigeration systems.
Moreover, for historic reasons, cities have born along rivers, lakes and seashores. All these sources make lowtemperature
renewable energy available, which utilisation is highly replicable because it is accessible right where it is
Having this in mind, the overall objective of REWARDHeat is to demonstrate a new generation of low-temperature
district heating and cooling networks, which will be able to recover low-grade renewable and waste heat available
at low temperature. Focusing on the exploitation of the energy sources available within the urban context allows to
maximize the replicability potential of the decentralized solutions developed in the project.
REWARDHeat will promote punctual metering, thermal storage management, network smart control as means to
enable and optimise the exploitation of renewable and waste heat in DHC networks.
At the same time, this approach permits a change of paradigm with respect to the business models devised: thermal
energy will not be seen as a commodity anymore, rather it will be sold as a service to the customers.
Effective start/end date01/10/201930/09/2023