Newcomers, activists, designers, programmers, companies and curious citizens, this is an opportunity for you to take part in proposing new ways of enabling technology to support an urgent issue of our time: integration.

How might we identify and harness the opportunities in the arrival of migrants and refugees in Denmark - and what is the best way to ramp up these efforts using open data to create viable and sustainable solutions?

Also it is an invitation for those eager to learn more about open data: Either from the crisp mind of a beginner or the experienced data-pro wishing to extend and challenge his/her repertoire.

Participants will be able to either zoom in on topics such Networks/Networking, Employment, Competences and Diversity. Simultaneously the event is also an open call to investigate the opportunities in data and data stories.

Throughout the weekend we will feed your body with snacks and lunches and feed your imagination with inspirational examples and supportive experts. You will work through a whole design process, from an initial idea or question to a solid solution - and we will invite you to tinker with data in practice.

Most likely you will experiment with methods you’ve never tried out before. During the final session you’ll get the chance to receive feedback and input from experts covering both data, integration and business perspectives.
Period7 Oct 20169 Oct 2016
Event titleHack Integration: Hackathon using open data to solve migration issues
Event typeOther
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark


  • Hackathon
  • open data
  • Integration
  • service design
  • Innovation
  • participatory methods