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The Accounting Research Group (ACC) at Aalborg University Business School embodies financial accounting and auditing, public and private sector management accounting, performance measurement, Activity Based Costing, budgeting and business models. Several of the leading Danish experts within these fields are members of the ACC research group at AAUBS.

About the Accounting Research Group (ACC)

The Accounting research group (ACC) consists of researchers related to the different fields within accounting, including several of the leading Danish experts within fields such as public sector management accounting, performance measurement, costing theory (including Activity Based Costing), shared service centers, budgeting and lean accounting.

The ACC members are part of a number of international and Scandinavian based research networks, and the research conducted in the group is aimed at both the highest levels of international academic publication as well as national and local dissemination through books, seminars and the media. We frequently have visiting researchers who participate in our research activities and seminars as well as contributing to teaching activities.

We have a continual flow of Ph.D. students, both with full university funding and in combination with the private sector, which we believe is a vital part of creating a dynamic research environment. We are responsible for twi flagship educational programs, the M.Sc. degree in Management Accounting (which combines research-based teaching with the unique problem-based learning practiced at Aalborg University) and the M.Sc. degree in auditing (Cand. Merc. AUD).


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