International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training

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International Entrepreneurship Network for PhD and PhD Supervisor Training (IETN) is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education project. IETN targets 1) doctoral researchers; 2) doctoral supervisors; and 3) trainers of supervisors.

IETN aims to reduce the extant gaps, mismatches between knowledge, skills and competences doctoral researchers acquire, and those they need for employment outside academia. Its objectives are to:

- Enhance the quality of doctoral researcher entrepreneurial training, doctoral researchers’ skills and competences and increase doctoral researchers’ employability outside academia;
- Enhance the quality, relevance and professionalism of supervision and supervision training for faculty members engaged in doctoral supervision/or doctoral supervisor training;
- Create sustainable structures to foster a transnational community of scholars passionate about International Entrepreneurship, Authentic Leadership and Training for the Jobs of the Future.

These objectives are achieved by developing and implementing high quality, state-of-the-art 'PhD course in Authentic Leadership’ (5ECTS), and 'PhD supervisor training in Authentic Leadership' (3ECTS) during which issues concerning key knowledge, skills and competences of doctoral researchers are evaluated and innovative pedagogies towards enhancing doctoral researchers' employability outside academia are put forward.

A strong consortium was created to implement these objectives that conists of:
Aalborg University (AAU)
Lappeenranta University (LUT)
Linnaeus University (LINNÆUS)
Siegen University (SIEGEN)
University of Tartu (UT)

IETN is a three-year project with starting date on September 1, 2019 and a total budget of EUR 317,171. IETN is coordinated by AAU.
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2022


  • International entrepreneurship
  • PhD training
  • PhD supervisor training
  • Strategic partnership
  • Erasmus+


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