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P2X technologies are proven in various operating demonstration projects, the science behind the technologies is founded on well-established principles and the output of the technology – the multiple Xs – have industry applicability.

However, there is a discrepancy between the urgency of the global energy transformation narrative and the uptake of P2X-technologies in scaled, commercial ventures.

This pre-project aims to both understand and disclose potentials and obstacles of both a business, technological and societal nature for the uptake of P2X-technologies in commercial ventures taking on a multi-stakeholder approach to analyzing the interlinkages between P2X building blocks, infrastructure development, conversion modes of output (the multiple Xs), industry demand and especially the agents to engage in the ventures both new and incumbent.

We will investigate to what degree the lack of scaling can be related to notions of both uncertainty, risk and maturity related to market, technology, governance, and societal acceptance answering our initial research questions:

- to which extend does the production, trading, distribution, and consumption of the X rely on stakeholder interdependencies (private/semi-public/public) and organizational capabilities of interdependent collaboration?

- How can a system approach to stakeholder organization reduce the element of chance in successful, commercial P2X scaling and to which extend, can this increase capital allocation to scaling P2X based systems?

- Which ecological strategies in terms of decisions based on environmental system analysis (LCA, Energy-system analysis) are required for pervasive P2X based change of our production systems whilst preserving the key element of sustainability and viable business and which palette of tools both for analysis and strategy execution is needed?

The seed project will serve to clarify which of these questions resonate most with practice and are in terms of expected scientific contribution most promising.
Effective start/end date24/08/202331/12/2024