The aim is to investigate potentials in combining daylight and dynamic lighting technology in architectural lighting solutions and to validate how this design approach can contribute to better health and well-being. This is investigated through holistic and new design/experiments and technical solutions in real cases/projects based on qualitative and quantitative criteria. A mixed method approach will be defined to test and validate the hypothesis. Methods like measurements and calculations of light levels, CCT, illuminance, exposure time will be employed as well as observations through videos and photo registration, anthropological interviews and questionnaires. The luminaire and component manufacturers Tridonic, iGuzzini, Fagerhult and Zumtobel have teamed up with Aalborg University in a unique collaboration. The project is joint with other projects in the Lighting Design Research Group LiD_RG.


Investigations of how the qualities of dynamic daylight can be complemented through smart electrical lighting in offices
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/201629/02/2020


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