T-shaped and Transferable Skills. How can University Graduates' Employability be Strengthened?

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Transferable skills, employability skills, work-integrated learning and T-shaped skills are all concepts which are discussed as skills and competences needed by university graduates in order to secure a job after graduation. There isdiscussion among decision-makers on how university programmes, especially at Master’s level,handle the increasing pressure of ensuring that their graduates obtain jobs fast. Many argue that the job market is increasingly demanding graduates who can adapt to change and act as innovators themselves. Core skills within a university discipline are important, but it seems increasingly important to be able to cut across disciplines and sectorsas a professional.Similarly,the above-mentioned skills are all skills that are required in problem-solving. Thusthe paper also discusses problem-based learning as a way to obtain skills, especially problem-solving skills.This paper has two aims: to unfold the different practices that can beused to equip graduates with the skills needed,and togive an example of how this can be done in a specific case.
TidsskriftInnovative Practice in Higher Education
Udgave nummer1
Antal sider16
StatusUdgivet - 1 jun. 2023


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