A dataset containing measurement data for six office rooms in Aalborg Denmark. All the measurements have been resampled to 5 minute resolution The measurements consist of: - BMS data for the rooms - Occupancy for the rooms (from cameras) - BMS data for the AHU supplying the rooms - BMS data for the Heating system supplying the rooms Changes from v1 Corrections have been made to the following measurement points in the period from 2023-02-27 00.00 until 2023-7-13 at 08.00 as a miscoupling on the pressure difference sensor on the fans was found to measure a too high pressure difference. The airflows and pressure differences are therefore lower in this version. - Ventilation:Fan__air_flow__exhaust - Ventilation:Fan__air_flow__supply - Ventilation:Fan__pressure_difference__exhaust - Ventilation:Fan__pressure_difference__supply
Dato for tilgængelighed25 okt. 2023
Tidsmæssig dækning27 feb. 2023 - 1 aug. 2023
Dato for datafremstilling2023 -
Geografisk dækningAalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
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