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Professional Career

  • Master of Science in Surveying, Planning and Land Use Management – 1994

  • PhD-fellow, Aalborg University - 1995-1999
  • Trainee at Ministry of the Environment; connected with the Retail Planning Committee – 1995-1996

  • PhD (thesis: Land Use Management and the Development of the Retail Structure) - 1999

  • Assistant Professor, Aalborg University - 1998-2001

  • Awarded the Nordic Chartered Surveyor’s Congress Prize – 2000
  • Associate Professor, Aalborg University - 2001-2010

  • Member of The L-Study Board, School of Surveying and Planning – 2003-2010

  • Head of the The L-Study Board, School of Surveying and Planning – 2005-2010

  • Head of School of Surveying and Planning - since 2005-2010

  • The Danish Chartered Surveyors Association’s delegate in FIG (International Federation of Surveyors), Commission 2 – since 2006

  • Visiting researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Dept. of Social Engineering) – April and May 2007

  • Head of the local host committee – 3rd International Conference on Planning, Law and Property Rights, Aalborg - 11-13 February 2009

  • Member of ExCo, International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights – 2009-2010

  • Head of School (full time), School of Architecture, Design and Planning, Aalborg University - 2010-2018
  • Master of Business Administration - 2014
  • Associated professor - (again) since 2018
  • Member of The PL-Study Board (and program manager, Surveying and Planning) - since 2018
  • Member of European Commission's Regiostars Jury 2021 (Green Europe category)


  • PhD-thesis; sundry consultancy reports; and several articles on Land Use Management, Spatial Planning and Land Law. Several invited papers and presentations at national and international conferences and seminars

  • See further in publication list

Professional Interests

General interests:

  • Local development, land use planning and management, land law

  • Problem based learning (PBL), efficient teaching, national and international recruitment of the "right" students to small education programs within technical science

Specific research interests:

  • Local development and urban planning including urban regeneration and transformation, public participation in planning decisions, planning policy making and implementation processes (potentials and barriers in policy making and implementation)

  • Urban and land policy implementation tools (in public law as well as in civil law, including agreements, easements and public-private partnerships)

  • Legal rights of individual land owners and other addressees when they are met with planning and other public regulations
  • Planning methods and theory, the role of planning

  • Retail development and planning, driving forces in the development of the retail structure, potentials and obstacles to steer and regulate the retail structure

Teaching Experiences

  • Courses in land law, local planning, planning administration/consideration of cases, planning implementation and implementation tools, planning and regulation theory, planning methods

  • Supervision of bachelor-, master- and PhD-students; all based on the PBL-concept

Teaching activities have mainly been related to the following studies and programmes: Chartered Surveyor (M.Sc. in Planning, Surveying and Land Management); Civil Engineer in Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning; and Civil Engineer in Architecture and Design

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Master of Business Administration, MBA

Dimissionsdato: 15 jan. 2014


Dimissionsdato: 2 dec. 1999

Landinspektør, Cand.geom.

Dimissionsdato: 3 okt. 1994


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