Population ageing is challenging the number of available caregivers for individuals with functional disabilities. Exoskeleton (Exo) technology has a great potential to both rehabilitate and empower disabled citizens and to protect caregivers from injuries. However, the technology is facing a paradox: The larger the disability, the larger the potential of using an Exo, and yet the harder it is to control it. Additionally, if the technology is not acceptable for the user it will not be used.
Acceptance requires an aesthetic system that is applicable in daily life. Therefore, this project concerns a user-based, tongue-controlled arm/hand Exo as a platform for worldleading research on a full-body AAU bio-exoskeleton: the EXOTIC.
Relation to the AAU strategy: Close interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to unite user centred-design, bio-interfacing, artificial intelligence, control and mechanics into the biocontrolled Exo and ensure its societal anchoring.
Assistive personal robotics is highly prioritized in H2020 (Investing 700 million € over 7 years in robotics), FORSK2025, and Innovation Fund Denmark.
Kort titelEXOTIC
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201801/12/2021


  • Vestdansk Center for Rygmarvsskade


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